Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Some "masterpieces" are crated by the least known artists..... like these pieces drawn by some kindergarten kids at a local school.   These cats show some of the kids promising talents and others are ... well, just cute!


Monday, April 21, 2014

Paw Project Utah

We are so honored to be working with Kirsten Doub, DVM State Director Paw Project-Utah, in helping bringing some comfort to the declawed cats in their care.  

Dr. Doub is based out of Union Park Veterinary Hospital.  There, she and the members of Paw Project Utah are reaching out to educate their community members about the inhumane practice of declawing.

I first learned about them on Facebook when they posted about Sammy....  the little guy who touched so many hearts.

Sammy is now safe and is sort of the spokes cat for the cause.  Watch his video to see more.....

We will be donating a supply of Binky Crisps with hope that we can bring the kitty cats some comfort and bring some smiles to the faces of Dr. Doub and the crew. 

To learn more about the inhumane practice of declawing please visit these links....

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Chats Noirs et Blancs

While Mischa and Sammy were enjoying a sun bath I decided to take the opportunity and snap their fabulousness in black and white.  

They are so photogenic and very tolerant of me.  

You can see more of my paparazzi work on their Instagram page

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Noodle Tools

Our Binky Crunchy Noodles are a favorite toy with both our human and feline customers.  And we are thrilled because they are one of our favorite toys to make. 

Making a Noodles takes many steps however.  Besides the time consuming construction of the fabric noodle there is also the customizing of the Bamboo handle.      

We have some special tools to help with that.  Each handle is cut and detailed and then inspected for quality by Mischa... who is no easy task master. 

But once completed, the Crunchy Noodle is a super fun toy!  We have received such great compliments ......

"My cat loves this toy! He especially likes the "crunchy" sound it makes"

"Fat Charley will get a good workout with this Crunchy Noodle Toy!! he and Heloise LOVE it...I could barely get the package opened before they pounced on all their catnip goodies!! "

"My cats received this awesome toy earlier this week and they haven't stopped wanting to play with it. It's nicely made with great extension and really holds my cats' interests. Thank you so much for this fun toy!"

"Great for kitty cardio. Thank you"

Sammy and Mischa love the Noodle too.

We will be adding LOTS of Noodles as well as other toys to the shop this month.  We first have to ship an order of Noodles off to London's Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium.  Meow! 

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Time for some more Cat Cinema......

Cat Flip Book from matthieu scanlon on Vimeo.

PING PONG CAT from Hello Future Films on Vimeo.

Cats! from Dmitry Lomakin on Vimeo.

Charlie from Derek Beck on Vimeo.


Sunday, March 30, 2014


Thanks to Hauspanther I found PawNosh and their "AWESOME" Cubby Bowls.

PawNosh innovative glass pet bowls are non-toxic, made from 100% post-consumer recycled glass, and are designed and manufactured here in the USA.   

Their bowls fill a critical void for a safe, sustainable and responsibly-produced alternative for our fur kids.  And not only are they safe BUT they look fabulous!  

From the packaging to the bowl itself the quality and style are purr-fect! Plus the packaging can be used for kitty to play with!  Mischa loves tissue paper and boxes after all!

As soon as we set our new lovely PawNosh bowl down Sammy and Mischa "ran" to it and tested it out!  They love to drink out of glasses but often tip them over or get frustrated when the water level is too low that they cannot reach it.  With the Cubby bowl they have plenty of head room and lets just say I will be completely surprised if they can tip it over. 

Sammy and Mischa give the Cubby bowl from PawNosh...